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Moot Court competitions are remarkable tools for students who study human rights law. They give them the opportunity to face common but often subtle legal questions, while learning to hold an opinion and formulate arguments. In other words, mooting is the best and safest way to dress for trial and behave as a lawyer – even though both the case and the judge are virtual (fortunately sometimes).

Therefore, I am glad to provide the Office of the High Commis­sio­ner for Human Rights (OHCHR) in Moscow with a practical case the for the Summer School of Human Rights of the Consortium of Rus­sian Universities. Plaider les droits de l'homme (PLDH) and its members have much experience in moot court competitions, in particular with the well-known Moot Court ECHR held every year at the Université de Strasbourg (Unistra), henceforth in cooperation with the Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg-im-Breisgau.

Writing a case for a moot court is not an easy task. It is important to relate a story close to reality, whithout neglecting the instructive dimension and practical needs. This challenge could be met thanks to Valérie Berset Bircher, Matthieu Canevascini and Benoît Fournier who drafted the first edition ot the case used in the Moot Court ECHR 2001. For the so-called „Moot Court Россия”, this story was translated, shortened and modernized by Manuela Brillat and, again, Matthieu Canevascini. They all have earned my deep gratitude.

Last but not least, this website sets a discussion forum thanks to which Moot Court Россия participants can ask the drafters ques­tions about the practical case. However, they should not expect miracles. First and obviously, the legal issues raised by the facts are to be discussed during the competition itself. Second, some factual ambiguities were inserted on purpose and will remain in (moot) court, as it often happens in real life.

I wish you all a pleasant visit on this website and a fruitful and wonderful experience with the Moot Court Россия.

(Florence Benoît-Rohmer)

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